President’s Message

As of this writing the end of February is in view. Our monthly Civic meeting featured a duet of speakers. Brinda Curran with the Bluebird Nesting Box group gave an excellent slide presentation explaining the devotion these birds give to raising their young. The audience had some interesting questions at the end of her talk.

Shari Blisset who oversees the Florida Bat Conservancy also gave a fascinating presentation on the various species of bats, their preferred roosting areas, the number of insects they consume each day and loads of bat trivia. She brought two tiny LIVE BATS in retirement that she held with a glove, and we heard a purring sound from them. They were the size of her thumb. The audience really took a liking to these little mammals.

John Devore, a Pine Ridge resident, will be the speaker for March and he will discuss landscaping. His background is in commercial as well as residential landscaping, highlighting the preservation of trees and their value to property. His important message regarding the efforts of maintaining established trees will be highlighted.

We continue to have large turnouts of folks at our Bingo/Dinner. The winners were payed $93 and the 50/50 was $142. Next month we will be serving Pizza and Salad followed by Chicken Tenders in April.

Michael Jeff had a nice slide show playing with the photos of the guests that he has taken at the past Bingo Dinners. He does a fantastic job and actually uses a real camera not a cell phone!

We want to give a big thank you to everyone who volunteers setting up and tearing down tables and chairs and the kitchen helpers, too. Also, Anita and her crew handling the money for the games and 50/50 and Mary for taking all the phone calls for the dinners and bingo attendance.

Please remember to call Mary in advance to give us a heads up that you’re attending. Don’t forget that Friday night is Games night and that is another nice way to socialize and have some fun.

Joey Valinoti