On Monday Feb 8 we had our first hybrid Zoom / in-person Civic meeting.   We had 13 people in attendance and another 12 on Zoom.  It went quite well, thanks to the new technology installed last year.  The internet speed in the Community Center is super fast and the large screen TV was easy to see.

Mr. Tito Rubio from the Public Information Office of our local Florida Department of Health gave us an update on COVID-19 cases, fatalities, and vaccinations.  As of the meeting, Citrus County had 9,059 reported cases and 363 deaths from COVID-19.  New cases peaked at 500 people the week of January 9.  The week prior to the meeting saw 360 cases with 47 hospitalizations.

FL DOH launched myvaccine.fl.gov to register people for the vaccine.  Per Gov DeSantis, people 65 and over receive priority.  Anyone can register now, and when they are eligible and vaccines are available, they’ll be contacted to schedule a specific time and location.


As of the Feb 8 meeting, 16,600 vaccines (first and some second doses) had been delivered to Citrus County.  40% from FL DOH, the other 60% from other sources.  The Central Ridge Park vaccination site saw a throughput of 240 people per hour.


FL DOH also provides clinical services with immunizations for children and travelers, an HIV clinic, a maternity program and community health services such as diabetes training, smoking cessation classes, and a septic program to reduce nitrogen runoff into the watershed.


In March we’ll have Judy Matthews, a Pine Ridge resident and volunteer at 3 Sisters Springs.  She’ll tell us about our beloved manatees who visit the springs and about the park.  Just in time for Manatee Fest!


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Please submit your renewals and tell your friends and neighbors about our Civic Association.   Forms are available on the back of this hardcopy, and extras are available at the Pine Ridge Community Center office.