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What a February it’s been!  On the heels of a super cold end of January, this month was sooooo comfortable.  The Goldilocks zone of temperatures: not too hot, not too cold, no rain, it’s been just right!

Our evening with Al Chance was lightly attended, but a big success for The Greener Side Haven.  Julianne and Sammie collected $540 in donations and raffle tickets.  They always need more money and supplies, so please go to  Scroll down to see the many ways you can help their mission.

The following Saturday our hot dogs and bingo night went high-stakes!  We had nearly 60 dinner guests and 3 more tables of folks who came just for bingo.  Our 50/50 drawing paid out $170, and each hand of bingo paid out $83.  If I remember correctly, only one hand had to be shared, so there were 4 super happy winners and 2 who were relatively happy.

February’s speaker was Eric Head, the Director of the Citrus County Library System.  He’s a rare bird — a 5th generation native of Citrus County.  He reminded us that literacy is THE foundation for success, yet we still have children and adults who cannot read.  While the library system hosts lots of fun and interesting activities, their first focus is books and reading.  They operate on a shoestring budget with few employees and lots of volunteers.

The Friends of the Library (FOL) is running a drive now to acquire more books, so if you’d like to help grow “the reading tree,” stop by any library branch or go to  He told us about just a few of the many programs the five (5) county libraries run.  You can join the FOL for as little as $10, and dues and contributions are tax deductible., or you can find them on Facebook @foccls.

FOL is running their annual MEGA SALE with “books, puzzles, & more books” from Friday March 11 to Monday March 14 at the Citrus County Auditorium.  You will find lots of deals and help the local libraries.

If you’d like to see a replay of the meeting, it’s available on YouTube.  You will not be able to search for it, but you can view it on YouTube by going to


P.S. Since I’m in a candidate for the PRPOA BOD, we’ll need a new Civic Association President in April if I’m elected to one of the 3 available seats.  Please consider stepping up to lead our group.  All other Civic Board positions are available as well.

P.P.S. The next Adopt A Highway pickup will be at 8AM on Saturday April 2.  No foolin’!