President’s Message – January News

Sue Wassermann

 Hooray!!!  2020 is behind us and the new year is all about moving forward.

Unfortunately, January’s meeting didn’t happen, so we’re taking a mulligan and will have our Florida Department of Health representative at our February meeting.

The meeting will be hybrid-style:  in-person for those of you who are comfortable attending in person and online for those who want to remain safe at home.  Zoom details on pg 2.

Back when this COVID-19 pandemic began shutting things down and changing our lifestyles, I said I believe that by then end of it, our lives were going to forever changed in ways we cannot yet imagine.  Kind of like how the space race spurred innovations we never before imagined in “health and medicine, transportation, public safety, consumer goods, environmental and agricultural resources, computer technology and industrial productivity.”(1)   The cited article even discusses how priceless paintings were restored using a technology invented to study degradation of the ISS.  (oops, I’m showing my inner space geek!)

Back to today and down to earth.  Could you have imagined grandparents attending birthday parties and baptisms via computer teleconferencing?  How about homebound individuals actually participating in church services rather than passively watching a TV program?  A lot of people have whittled down their to-do list of home projects, and we’ve all saved a lot in gasoline!  I’ve noticed people actually apologize if they accidentally bump someone rather than just giving them the stink-eye.

Undoubtedly, there are awful things this pandemic has wrought, and those tragedies should be mourned.  Meanwhile, let’s take the good where we find it and celebrate.

I hope to see you one way or the other at our next meeting.

P.S.  I know I said the previous POST was the last hardcopy, but renewals have been slow.  Please fill out the renewal form on the back of this newsletter and mail it to the PO Box on the form or bring it to the next meeting.