President’s Message                                                                                  Joey Valinoti

Now that the cooler season is here I’m planning on a couple of lanai and yard projects that the heat and humidity discouraged me from doing at home.  Also, not getting paid to do the projects played a factor.

The Volunteers Luncheon will have come and gone by the reading of this message. It’s management’s way of thanking clubs and committees organizers and directors for their efforts.  In addition to being a Civic Association member, many of you are involved in other clubs. Civic has many non-board people who pitch in with litter clean up, monthly meetings and our Bingo/Dinner.

On the 15th of October, Bingo paid $106 per game and $171 per the 50/50 raffle! We really had a large turnout of people thanks to our members. Thanks to Sue Wassermann we now have the bingo numbers being displayed up on the overhead computer screen. She installed the App and it sure adds a nice touch to the evening.

At the previous Civic meeting the home repairs tips and fixes talk by me went well.  The slide show gave examples of various issues I have encountered and corrected in the past and Wayne Tuch presented the electrical section of the slide show. Wayne operated his own Electrical business for over 40 years.

Next months speaker is not known as of yet but Judy is working on it.  The Civic meeting is Nov 19 and Bingo is Nov 14.  Please invite a friend or neighbor.  The Civic membership sign up sheet is at all the events.

Joey Valinoti