October 11 meeting:  Debbie Selsavage, Coping with Dementia

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We Want You!
We need people to step up and volunteer for Civic Board positions.  We need an Election Committee who will find candidates to elect in December:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.  We also need people to serve as Membership Committee and Directors at Large.  Our current board has been in place for several years now and needs a break.  We’re all willing to help in the transition.

Autumn is such a tease
According to the calendar, Autumn (or Fall, if you prefer) begins September 22.  If you’ve lived in FL for a while, you know that it’s a bigger tease than your sibling ever was.  Nonetheless, it’s nice to get even a little break from sweltering August.

10 digit dialing
Starting Oct 24 we’ll have to include the 352 area code when dialing local numbers.  May as well start reprogramming your stored phone numbers now.

Last month’s speaker
Gerry Mulligan had lots of insights into the current state of Citrus County.  While he’s retired from the Chronicle, he remains an active member of several county boards and charities, so he’s not slowing down.

He gave us his top 10 challenges and good things in Citrus County.  Among the challenges were the BOCC’s and city governments’ lack of proactive planning for the changes that extending the Suncoas Highway extension will bring.  The housing boom that will result will need additional roads and other infrastructure as well as consumer services.  Also, since the county was marketed for a long time as a cheap place to retire, we are now populated by residents who don’t really want to reinvest in their communities.  Florida is ranked lowest of all states for the amount of public resources dedicated to mental health, and Citrus County is the lowest in Florida ☹.  With the majority of local crime being drug related (heroin or meth), the lack of mental health care means many miss out on care that could have made them into productive citizens.

On the good side, Citrus County’s school system still ranks in the top 10 of Florida’s 67 counties.  3 Sisters Springs is one of the top wildlife refuges in the US.  Residents in the county are caring and generous.  $75K was donated to a woman who ended up raising her grandkids after her daughter died of cancer.  $400K has been raised for the animal shelter.  3 Sisters Springs was going to become a housing development, but locals raised enough money to buy the land for the refuge.  Still, civic-mindedness seems to be an older person’s thing and we need to get the next generations involved.