President’s Message, by Sue Wassermann

Voting, Manatees, Civic Website, Stay in Touch, and the Return of Bingo!!

Click HERE to view the full copy of the March 2021 Pine Ridge POST

VOTING:  Calling all Pine Ridge citizens to exercise their civic duty to VOTE!  Please vote on the referendum and for 2 seats on the Pine Ridge Property Owners Association Board of Directors.  The referendum topic is a very important to be aware of, and to make your desire known.  Additional information is available with your electronic or paper ballots and a copy of what was mailed is on the website under NEWS, and titled “Vote to Approve Important Amendments by Referendum on April 13, 2021”.  And there are 2 seats open and 4 candidates for the BoD.  Two “meet the candidates” events were already held, and resumes are available if you click on the RESUME icon on  Please encourage your friends and neighbors to cast their votes either electronically or by paper ballot.  If you have questions, April’s Civic Association meeting is for you.

MANATEES were the topic of the March Civic Association meeting.  Judi Matthews has volunteered for FWC at Three Sisters Springs for 7 years, and assisted USGS with manatee health assessments for 3 years.  She told us a lot about the world’s manatees, their lifestyles, habits, friends, and foes.  Actually, they have only one foe—humans.  Even crocodiles coexist peacefully with manatees.  Her presentation and the whole meeting is available on YouTube.  Go to to find the link to our meeting.

CIVIC WEBSITE is relaunched., or click on CLUBS from the menu.  See our Civic main page or calendar for updates and previous event information.

STAY IN TOUCH:  Are you in-the-know?  Be sure you know what’s going on in the neighborhood by signing up for Pine Ridge’s Stay in Touch news.  Available on the menu at

BINGO!!!!!  Yes, we’re hosting bingo again!  Join us at 6pm on MAY 15  for 5 cards of bingo—MASKS REQUIRED FOR ALL ATTENDEES.  We’re not sure if people are comfortable eating dinner with us yet, so no dinner this time.  We’ll query the attendees and comply with the majority’s wishes for the June session.  Feel free to bring your own though.


Monday, April 12, 2021 at 7:00 PM
April meeting will be at 7PM Monday, April 12.  PRPOA Board President Mike Perry will talk about the issues the BoD has been dealing with and answer any questions you may have about PRPOA governance.

Monday, May 10, 2021 at 7:00 PM
May meeting will be 7PM May 10 with a representative from the Citrus County Sheriff’s Emergency Operations Center.  Let’s be prepared for hurricane season.

All meetings will be a hybrid of in-person at the PR Community Center and Zoom

Meeting ID:  850 0173 7902
Passcode:    354433

If you want to dial in and just listen, use one of these numbers and follow the prompts to enter the meeting ID and passcode:
(646) 558-8656    (253) 215 8782
(301) 715-8592    (312) 626 6799
(312) 626-6799    (669) 900-9128