September meeting:  Gerry Mulligan, recently retired publisher of the Citrus County Chronicle

Welcome back from the summer break, feels like we’re finally getting a break from the sweltering heat, too.

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Summer vacation is over

Yup, kids are back in school, so be careful around school buses and in school zones.  Civic meetings are on again, and your POST will be delivered monthly.

Our September meeting will feature Gerry Mulligan, recently retired publisher of the Citrus County Chronicle.  Back in May the paper was purchased by Paxton Media Group out of Kentucky, then Gerry retired in early August.  Not implying that the two events are connected, though they do signal that change is coming to Citrus County.  Gerry will likely give us his view of our county’s future.

Of course, one change will be the extension of the Suncoast Parkway.  Whether that’s a good thing or bad is a matter of personal opinion.  It’s certain to change Citrus County and our neighborhood.  We’re already experiencing a big increase in new homes built, and it’ll likely continue to boom.  Please do your best to welcome new neighbors and help them get involved in the many activities in and around Pine Ridge.

We’re still in hurricane season, so make sure you have all the necessary emergency supplies, and rotate your stock so it’s always fresh.

Lastly, we did an Adopt-A-Highway pick up on Saturday August 28.  We had 13 participants which made quick work of of gathering 12 full bags of trash plus a tire tread.  Hope to see even more participants at the next event on Saturday December 11.