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January Roundup

The Christmas decorations are all put up and red and pink hearts dominate the seasonal aisles.  Our first meeting of the year was a popular topic – Real Estate.  The Florida Realtors District 7 Vice President, Rob Tessmer, Jr. walked us through a bunch of statistics in the Florida, Citrus County, and Beverly Hills housing market.  He explained that one of the main reasons that home prices are so high now is because there are fewer houses on the market and those that are get sold very quickly.  And one of the reasons for the current state of the market is that investors are purchasing more than before which negatively affects a true homebuyer.

If you’d like to see a replay of the meeting, it’s available on YouTube.  You will not be able to search for it, but you can view it on YouTube by going to  I finally got all the technology to work, and the audio and video are pretty clear!

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