December 13 meeting:  Nature Coast Young Marines will present and then retreat the Colors, followed by Citrus County Sheriff’s Office representatives Lt Chris Ball and Capt John Novy.

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I’m late publishing and mailing this edition, and I apologize to you all.  Truth be told, I abhor writing, always have, apparently always will.  Don’t know why, I just hate writing.  So, please accept my confession and apology for late mailings.


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October’s Speaker was Julianne Jackson, accompanied by her large canine friend, Samuel L. (Jackson – – get it??).  Sam is a service dog and he pretty much trained himself to alert Julianne if her blood sugar gets out of whack.  He knows what “normal” smells like and nudges her when he notices she’s beyond normal range.  By doing so early, she can take action and avoid many perils that diabetics face.

She told us about her specialized animal rescue organization, The Greener Side Haven.  She arranges foster families for animals with special needs; senior, sick, abused, or injured.  There are currently 35 dogs, 3 birds, 20 cats and a pig being fostered.  The Greener Side Haven pays for their medical care and any specialized foods or treatment.  If you have the time, space, and love to give to a needy animal, they always need foster families.  Monetary donations go 100% to the animals and there’s a wish list of items they need and other ways to help at

December’s Meeting is a two-fer:  Nature Coast Young Marines then Lt Chris Ball and Capt John Novy will tell us what the CCSO has accomplished this year.  The official 2021 statistics won’t be out yet, but they’ll provide some highlights before taking questions.

Save the Date – Feb 12, 2022. We’re hosting a dance party and hope you’ll join us.  More details to come soon.

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